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Ring Opening Pliers for Body Jewellery

Ring Opening Pliers for Body Jewellery

BCRs are an essential piece of body jewellery but they can also be very difficult to open and insert by hand. Thankfully there is a cheap and simple bit of kit that makes inserting a BCR much easier: ring opening pliers. These pliers are specially designed for use with body piercing jewellery. They make it easy to open ball closure rings of any size or gauge, so you can change your jewellery without having to visit a piercer. These are blunt-ended pliers, made from medical-grade surgical steel. They are high quality and great value for money – our ring opening pliers start at just £10. You can buy body jewellery pliers in three different sizes: small, medium and large. They all work in the same way, but can be used to open different sizes of BCRs.

Opening a BCR with Ring Opening Pliers

Opening a ball closure ring with jewellery pliers is very simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. First make sure that the ends of the pliers are clean and dry.
  2. Insert the ends of the pliers into the middle of the ball closure ring.
  3. Gently compress the handles to open the ring.
  4. Open the ring just enough to free the ball.
  5. Remove the ball and insert the ball closure ring into your piercing.
  6. Closure the ball closure ring by hand, or by using ring closing pliers.