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Stretching your body piercing can be done in many different ways, but the most common approach is with the use of body piercing tapers. Piercing tapers are used to make the process of stretching piercings very easy, quick and accurate. 

What is a Body Piercing Taper?

Body piercing tapers are also known as insertion pins, stretching tapers, piercing expanders, stretching nails and stretching needles. The reason for the name is the construction of the taper; usually a straight or slightly curved bar that tapers from one end to the other, allowing a body piercing to be enlarged smoothly and progressively. 

UV Body Piercing Taper

UV Body Piercing Taper

Advantages of a Piercing Taper 

The greatest advantage of a body piercing taper is the practical and functional use of the taper, both as a stretching tool and stretching jewellery! Once you have used the taper to stretch your body piercing, the taper can be left in your piercing for day-to-day wear. Continue reading