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Eyebrow piercings are popular, easy to heal and really make a statement. They are pierced vertically through the eyebrow and can be placed anywhere between the centre of the eye socket and the outer edge of the eyebrow. The three major supra-orbital nerves are located inwards of the centre of the eye socket, so placing an eyebrow piercing in this area could damage them. Eyebrow piercings can be pierced with small curved barbells or BCRs. We usually recommend getting pierced with a curved barbell, as they are less likely to get caught on clothing than a BCR. You can change to a BCR once your piercing is fully healed if you wish.

How To Care For New Eyebrow Piercings

Like most piercings, eyebrow piercings must be kept clean and dry throughout the healing period. Clean your piercing twice daily with saline and avoid submerging it in water. Most eyebrow piercings heal within four to eight weeks. Your healed eyebrow piercing requires very little care – just clean with saline as needed.

You should also take extra care to avoid knocking the piercing. Eyebrow piercings are particularly vulnerable to migration and knocks can lead to migration or rejection even in a healed piercing. Despite this, most eyebrow piercings do not reject, it is often simply a case of bad luck! A rejecting eyebrow piercing will scar if left to reject, so it is important to consult your piercer. It is often better to retire the piercing than let it reject and scar. The most common signs of eyebrow piercing rejection are:

  1. Constant soreness or sensitivity
  2. Red scar tissue forming around the piercing holes
  3. The skin over the piercing becomes thinner – you may eventually be able to see the jewellery through the skin
  4. The piercing holes appear bigger
  5. Jewellery hangs loosely or at a different angle

If you observe any of these signs in your eyebrow piercing, consult your piercer immediately – regardless of whether your piercing is healed or not.