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Plain Buffalo Flesh Tunnel

If you are looking for stylish, comfortable flesh tunnels I recommend taking a look at buffalo flesh tunnels. Buffalo flesh tunnels are made from water buffalo horn, one of the lightest and most comfortable materials that can be made into body jewellery. Water buffalos shed their horns naturally, so it is possible to make buffalo flesh tunnels without harming the buffalo in any way. This makes them a very ethical, natural type of stretching jewellery.

The best thing about buffalo flesh tunnels is their biocompatibility. Buffalo horn is completely compatible with our skin – it does not irritate piercings in any way. It feels very comfortable and buffalo flesh tunnels are even suitable for stretching with. It is a very light, durable material, so it can be carved into a huge range of flesh tunnel designs. Another great thing about buffalo horn is how smooth it is. Buffalo flesh tunnels have a wonderfully smooth, frictionless surface. This means that they slide easily into the piercing, without dragging on your skin or damaging newly stretched ears.

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They say natural is best and when it comes to flesh tunnels, I definitely think that is true. Wood flesh tunnels look stylish and feel great, making them one of the best options for stretched ears. I have been wearing wood flesh tunnels and plugs for years and I heartily recommend them. Since I switched to wood flesh tunnels I have found them very comfortable and had absolutely no problems.

Wood is a natural, biocompatible material, so it feels very comfortable to wear. It does not irritate your skin and most people find it much better than other materials. I particularly recommend wood flesh tunnels for people who have had problems with metal or plastic tunnels. Wood allows your skin to breathe and it is non-irritating for even sensitive skin. Another great thing about wood flesh tunnels is that they reduce odour, which is a blessing with newly stretched tunnels. Unfortunately wooden jewellery is not ideal for stretching with. I recommend using buffalo horn tapers to stretch with and switching to wooden jewellery once your new stretchings are completely healed up. That is what I did and I have had great results.

Benefits of Wearing Wood Flesh Tunnels

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Flesh Tunnels are specifically designed for stretched ear piercings. Flesh tunnels are usually designed in two pieces, with one removable lip that screws into or onto one end of the flesh tunnel for easy and hassle-free fitting. The flesh tunnel sits securely in your ear piercing without risk of falling out until you unscrew the removable end. There are some variations, however, the silicone flesh tunnels are designed in one piece that can be flexed and folded; the flexible silicone material allows easy insertion of the flesh tunnel into your ear without having to take it apart. Flesh tunnels come in such an extravagant range of beautiful designs, from the funky and jazzy styles to the more subtle, bold and sleek pieces for minimalistic fashion.

Kaos Silicone Flesh Tunnels

These fantastic silicone flesh tunnels are available in a vibrant range of colours to suit your mood, perfect for brightening up your look in an instant. Spice up the summer months with these spectacular red silicone flesh tunnels, blue silicone flesh tunnels, green silicone flesh tunnels, orange silicone flesh tunnels, yellow silicone flesh tunnels, pink silicone flesh tunnels, white silicone flesh tunnels and black silicone flesh tunnels.

UV Mega Flesh Tunnels

UV Mega Tunnels

The Natural Flesh Tunnel

We have a great selection of natural, organic flesh tunnels in our range including wooden flesh tunnels, buffalo flesh tunnels, bone flesh tunnels, coral flesh tunnels and fossilized bamboo tunnels. The fabulous wooden flesh tunnel range includes a very unique range of different types of wood that have been beautifully crafted to perfection. With natural patterns, grains and combinations of shades, these wooden flesh tunnels include inlaid flesh tunnels that will guarantee to impress. The buffalo flesh tunnel range features this stunning lotus flesh tunnel for intricate beauty.

Steel Flesh Tunnels

For fantastic value and some extravagant sizes, the surgical steel flesh tunnel range includes some very unique designs but with a stunning, classical look. Our surgical steel flesh tunnels include large gauges up to 30mm in size. Surgical steel flesh tunnels include internally threaded flesh tunnels and even some glamorous jewelled flesh tunnels for a touch of glamour.

Surgical Steel Flesh Tunnels

Surgical Steel Flesh Tunnels

Largest Gauge Flesh Tunnels

The largest gauge of flesh tunnels in our extensive range includes sizes all the way up to 50mm! These UV acrylic flesh tunnels are available in larger sizes up to 50mm and in a fabulous range of colours to choose from, including the UV mega tunnels in green, red, blue, black, clear.