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If you have piercings of your own, you may have experienced those moments of frustration when you just can’t get your fingers around those little tricky Ball Closure Rings! Those rings that won’t open, or those threaded balls that seem to fall on the floor and disappear into thin air… Jewellery Pliers are the solution to most of these difficult tasks when fitting or removing your body jewellery. The most common perpetrator is the Ball Closure Ring, (similar to smooth segment rings, bar closure rings etc) which require pliers to remove the captive accessory from the jaws of the ring. Jewellery Pliers come in different sizes and for different purposes. You may also need jewellery pliers to help you open very large, thick pieces of jewellery that require quite a bit of strength to pry them open! 

Ring Opening Jewellery Pliers

Ring Opening Jewellery Pliers are used to gently disengage a captive (clip-in) ball or accessory from a ball closure ring, or similar piece of jewellery. Most people with piercings have experienced those tricky little segment rings, bar closure rings, ball closure rings… you name it, we’ve heard it! 

Ring Opening Pliers

Ring Opening Pliers

To use ring opening jewellery piers, you simply squeeze gently on the handles of the pier, which in turn opens the ring slightly and enough to allow the captive ball to fall out. We highly recommend doing this over a towel or table where you won’t lose the removable accessory!  Continue reading