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Pregnancy Belly Rings

Pregnancy Belly Rings

Keeping a belly button piercing during pregnancy can seem difficult but here BJS we think we have the safest and most comfortable pregnancy belly ring out there – the Multi-Use Piercing Tube. These flexible piercing bars are very flexible, safe and comfortable to wear, so you can keep your belly button piercing without any risk of infection or discomfort.

This type of pregnancy belly ring is a bendy tube made from BioFlex – an extremely biocompatible form of plastic that is known to reduce healing time and the risk of infection. They are sold as plain straight or curved lengths that you can trim to fit with scissors and accessorise with a great choice of funky Push-Fit Accessories – so you can even keep your piercing looking cute while pregnant!

Pregnancy stretches your belly button piercing, which could lead to a traditional belly ring becoming stuck inside the piercing. I recommend switching to a long multi-use piercing tube belly ring as soon as your bump starts to grow. Use a small push-fit accessory on each end and you will be able to keep this pregnancy belly ring right through your pregnancy. As well as accommodating stretching of the piercing, a pregnancy belly ring should also be safe for hospital visits and pose no risk of infection. Multi-use piercing tubes cover both these areas. They are safe for hospital and surgical use – just make sure your push-fit accessories are metal-free when you go for check ups etc. In terms of infection risk, this type of pregnancy belly ring is extremely safe. The BioFlex material cannot cause a reaction and is non-stick so it is very easy to clean.

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