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Last week I told you about the contact lenses Katy Perry would be wearing in her latest music video and now it turns out that the lenses she actually wore in the ET music video were even better! The video showcased three Katy Perry ET contact lenses and three beautiful looks to go with them. Say what you like about the song, the costumes, make up, contact lenses and scenery in this video are simply stunning. Below I have picked out the three main lenses that Katy wears and how to get the look with your own version of Katy Perry contact lenses.

Katy Perry ET Contact Lens Looks

Blue Katy Perry ET Contact Lenses

When Katy first appears she is wearing pale blue contact lenses, along with a flowing pink dress and red tribal make up. The glowing effect only appears briefly and for the rest of the time the lenses are simply a pale aqua-blue.

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Special effect contact lenses are the perfect fashion accessories for all occasions! Why not treat someone to a unique gift this Christmas with these funky special effect contact lenses, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Special effect contact lenses come in a vast range of colours and designs, with intricate patterns and bold designs, our conact lenses can transform your look within seconds.

Aqua Special Effect Contact Lenses

Aqua Special Effect Contact Lenses

Special Effect Contact Lens Ranges

Special effect contact lenses come in a great range of colours, designs and price ranges to suit your needs. With special effect lenses from £6.99, you can find the perfect addition to your customized look. Our great range of lenses includes different brands including wild eyes contact lenses, terror eyes contact lenses, halloween contact lenses, funky eyes contact lenses, crazy eyes contact lenses and many more on our contact lens section.

UV Special Effect Contact Lens

UV Special Effect Contact Lens

Special Effect Contact Lens Care

Each and every special effect contact lens within our range of contact lenses will be provided with special contact lens instructions, and you can also find our online contact lens FAQ for all your contact lens needs. Caring for your special effect contacts will be easier than ever with our contact lens storage case and contact lens solution, so you can use your special effect lenses over and over again! Practical and easy to use, these special effect contact lenses can be stored safely for up to 12 months and worn for up to 30 separate days wear, when and as you like! Check out our full range of contact lens care and storage accessories.