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Flesh plugs are designed for stretched ear piercings. You can find an extraordinary range of flesh plugs in many different colours and designs to suit your very own style, from a large range of materials including buffalo horn flesh plugs, coral flesh plugs, PMMA acrylic flesh plugs, silicone flesh plugs, blackline flesh plugs, zircon gold flesh plugs, titanium flesh plugs, glass flesh plugs, glow in the dark flesh plugs, surgical steel flesh plugs, amber flesh plugs, ultra violet UV flesh plugs, and nut and wood flesh plugs. With such a fabulous choice of flesh plug jewellery to choose from, we guarantee you’ll find something for all occasions.

Glass Flesh Plugs

Make a fashionable statement with our stunning selection of glass flesh plugs. Each and every glass flesh plug features unique patterns and hues, naturally formed and beautifully polished to perfection. The glass flesh plugs are hand crafted and available in a wide range of vibrant colours. Check out the natural Krakatoa glass flesh plugs, one of the most popular ranges. Beautifully smooth and biocompatible, glass flesh plugs are perfect for sensitive ears.

The Jewelled Flesh Plug

Some of our most popular jewelled flesh plugs include the glamorous surgical steel crystal blaze flesh plug, the claw set crown jewelled flesh plug, the double flared jewelled flesh plug and even a black jewelled flesh plug. This range is very chic and perfect for special occasions. Choose a jewelled flesh plug as a gift to treat your special someone on their birthday, valentine’s day or christmas!