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Make the most of your piercings by always keeping them safe and looking great. Choose from a wide variety of essential body piercing tools like our flesh plugs, measuring tools, stretching crescents, bioplast tools and a range of saline solutions. You will love these fabulous aftercare tools which heal your new piercings and will help you get your dream look. Never have to worry about irritation, and difficult healing because our easy to use essential body piercing tools will prevent future infections and uncomfortable swelling.

Healing and Body Piercing Aftercare

EasyPiercing Salt Solution

EasyPiercing Salt Solution

Make sure you get your hands on some of this fantastic Easypiercing Physiological Salt Solution perfect for cleaning fresh piercings and help speed up the healing process. This fantastic salt solution will look after your piercing for approximately two months as well as moisturise the skin around your wound. With a handy nozzle fitted on the top of the can, you can spray this solution evenly. This will allow it to release the amount necessary for one application and stop you from using it quickly. Everyone will love this easy to use, affordable and soothing spray for all their new piercings. It is advised to use this solution between 2 to 3 times a day so that your piercing doesn’t dry out.

Piercing Stretching Tools

UV Pink Stripe Stretching Taper

UV Pink Stripe Stretching Taper

Light up your look with this eye-catching UV pink stripe stretching taper which will update your evening and daytime looks. The UV-reactive PMMA pink and black striped acrylic taper will look amazing fitted in all your ear piercings. This will fix in place easily with the easy to use black rings either side. Get comfort and style all in one with this glossy accessory which will stretch your piercings gradually and uplift your style. These are available in gauges from 3.2mm to 8mm to help you get your ideal look this year. Glow at all your parties, gatherings, concerts and festivals with this glamorous stretching taper perfect for almost any occasion and outfit.

Pink Silicone Flesh Tunnels

If you like to have fun with your stretchings then check out our range of pink stretched ear jewellery. When we think of stretched ear jewellery it’s usually of traditional metal and wood stretching jewellery but thanks to new body jewellery materials like silicone PMMA and Bioplast, there is a great choice of cool colours out there.

Wearing pink stretched ear jewellery is a great way to show off your stretchings and add some colour to your look. Pink is such a happy, girly colour and it is very flattering too. Here at BJS we have stretched ear jewellery in a great choice of colours but I thought I would pick out my favourite pink items for you.

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