Your fashion statement is all about you. Your hair, your t-shirt, your makeup and your Terror Eyes fashion contact lenses! Easy to use and handy to take anywhere you go for the ultimate, instant transformation; this is the coolest way to change your look within seconds.

All of our Terror Eyes fashion contact lenses are designed to completely cover your natural eye colour, ensuring a very bold look and allowing full effect of the design to stand out, on anyone and everyone. The colours and patterns on our Terror Eyes fashion contact lenses do not interfere with your vision in any way, but others cannot see your eyes behind the contacts. We have over 40 wild designs to choose from!


Go to the extreme with these vibrant colours and patterns, ideal for Halloween, birthday and Christmas gifts, fancy dress parties, practical jokes, clubbing or just fabulous nights out on the town.


Complete the fright-factor with our creepy colours; Blackout, Whiteout, Blood Red and Green Eye. You can even mix two different colours and bring the paranormal to life… ghosts, witches, devils, grim reapers, vampires and zombies alike!


How would you like to have cat eyes? Wouldn’t that be exciting? A totally different look. Terror Eyes fashion contact lenses will certainly impress. We even have Pink Cat Eyes for a comical, cartoon-like appearance that will amuse your audience.

The ‘Magic Eye’ fashion contact lenses will dramatically change the colour of your eyes, but depict a more naturally textured iris for that truly magical look. Available in Magic Blue, Magic Green and Magic Brown.


For an elegant and slightly more subtle style, go for the ‘Intricate range of highly detailed patterns that create a graceful silhouette over your own natural eye colour. This range is exceptionally stylish and creates a very mesmerizing visual vogue.



Browse our full selection of Terror Eyes fashion contact lenses to find more crazy designs! Unlike many retailers, all of our fashion contact lenses are sold as singles (for one eye), allowing you to mix and match your own colours and designs without having to buy a pair (unless you want to). If you do opt for a pair, we even offer a discount price, offering you greater value for money.


We also have contact lens solution and contact lens cases for storing and keeping your contact lenses in great condition until the next time you wear them!


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