The Importance of Measuring your Body Jewellery

Wearing body piercing jewellery of the correct size in your body piercing is very important, so knowing how to measure yourself makes buying and choosing body piercing jewellery quicker, safer and more convenient.

If your body jewellery is too short for your piercing it will aggravate the area, cause an excess of swelling and may even lead to inflammation and infection. Jewellery that does not give ample space for a body piercing to ‘relax’ can also result in migration and rejection of the piercing.

If your body jewellery is too large it will get caught or snagged on clothes, fingers, hair, etc. This, in turn, causes more aggravation and maybe even micro-tears in the tissue around the hole, which can lead to unnecessary scarring or infection.

Swiss Precision Vernier Calipers

Swiss precision vernier calipers. Highly accurate anthracite Dialmax vernier calipers in durable, high performance polymer for all measurement references.

Ideal for measuring any item of body piercing jewellery, these swiss precision vernier calipers are the standard in professional body piercing hardware. Used by professional piercers and enthusiasts alike, all over the world, this incredibly accurate measuring tool will help you identify all of the measurements on any item of body piercing jewellery you care to think of.

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