When you are choosing jewellery for your tongue piercing, the most important thing is to find jewellery that is comfortable and good for your piercing. The tongue is very sensitive and any discomfort will become really annoying. Titanium tongue piercing jewellery is a great option because titanium is one of the most biocompatible materials that you can make jewellery out of. Titanium is very comfortable to wear and it will not irritate your piercing, so your tongue piercing can heal up fast and stay comfortable day to day. Here at Body Jewellery Shop we have a great choice of titanium tongue piercing jewellery including plain barbells, funky colours and jewellery that is specially designed for stretched tongue piercings.

Benefits of Titanium Tongue Piercing Jewellery

Titanium is extremely compatible with the human body, to the point where it is used to make surgical implants and pacemakers. It allows the body to heal around it, so it makes the ideal jewellery to have your tongue pierced with. If you were pierced with surgical steel and you experience discomfort, I recommend switching to a titanium tongue piercing bar. Surgical steel contains small amounts of nickel that can irritate your piercing. The main benefits of wearing titanium tongue piercing jewellery are:

  1. Extremely biocompatible and comfortable to wear
  2. Hypoallergenic – will not irritate your skin
  3. Suitable for individuals with metal allergies
  4. Can reduce piercing healing times
  5. Lighter and stronger than other metals
  6. Can be produced in many different colours
  7. Does not contain nickel
  8. Reduces odour compared to steel jewellery

Titanium Flat Tongue Piercing Studs

titanium flat tongue piercing studs

There are many different types of titanium tongue piercing jewellery but this is one of the most comfortable. Flat tongue piercing studs have smooth discs instead of balls. The discs lie flat against your tongue and they take up less space in your mouth. Many people find this style much more comfortable to wear. This tongue stud also comes in lots of different colours of titanium, so you can match them to the rest of your jewellery.