Treat your stretchings to something different with our range of triangular flesh tunnels. We’re all used to standard round flesh tunnels, but why settle for ‘standard’? Flesh tunnels can be made in lots of different shapes, from triangles to teardrops. They change the shape of your lobes and give you a completely different look every time.

Triangular flesh tunnels are fine for well established stretchings, but I do not recommend them for newly completed stretchings. This is because they can put more stress on certain parts of the stretching, which could damage a new stretching. As long as your stretching has been healed for a couple of months, it should be all right with a triangular tunnel.

Wooden Triangular Flesh Tunnels

Coconut Wood Triangular Flesh Tunnel

Wood is a great material for flesh tunnels because it does not irritate the skin. This solid triangular tunnel is made of coconut wood, which has a lovely natural pattern. The wood has a nice soft feeling and is very comfortable to wear. I recommend moistening the tunnel with a little natural oil (e.g. olive or coconut oil) every now and then. This will keep the skin moisturized and condition the wood, enhancing its colour.

Buffalo Triangular Flesh Tunnels

Buffalo Triangular Flesh Tunnel

As you can see, this buffalo flesh tunnel has a very smooth, glossy surface. This not only looks good but also makes it very comfortable to insert. Water buffalo shed their horns regularly, allowing us to collect the horn without harming the buffalo. It makes beautiful tunnels that look great in any shape.

Silicone Triangular Flesh Tunnels

Silicone Triangular Flesh Tunnel

If you are worried about getting a triangular tunnel into your ear, silicone is the answer! Silicone flesh tunnels are soft and flexible, so they are very easy and comfortable to insert. Once in your ear, a silicone tunnel moves with your ear and feels really soft and comfortable. The tunnel pictured comes in pink, black and white.