One of the longest standing piercing modifications is the nostril piercing. Nostril studs and nostril rings, worn both in the curve of the nostril or through the septum are found in cultures all around the world.


The most common place for piercing the nose is through the curve of one of the nostrils. Placement can be anywhere along the nostril, depending on the preference of the wearer. Nostril piercings are healed with either a hooked nostril stud (nostril screw) or a nose ring. Nose rings can be chosen depending on personal preference – from ball closure rings, circular barbells, smooth segment rings or open nose rings.



These Ikon Nose (Nostril) Studs come in various Ikon desigs to really make your nostril piercing stand out. Bored of simple balls and jewels? Then these are the ideal choice for you! Funky and simply adorable, a must have for every nostril jewellery collection.



BioFlex Nose Studs are ideal for initial piercings and piercings taking a long time to heal. The head is a tiny 1.5mm so they make dainty and discrete nostril studs. BioFlex and Bioplast is an excellent piercing material that can be steam sterilized or autoclaved; BioFlex and Bioplast is highly bio-compatible. It reduces the chances of an allergic reaction to almost zero.


The septum is the piece of tissue that separates the two sides of the nose. The septum piercing is placed through the soft part of tissue underneath the tip of the nose, further down than the main cartilage in the end of the nose. Most often a small ring is worn in the septum piercing, although there are many other options depending on personal preference and style. Some people choose to insert a  septum retainer, u-shaped septum keeper or bullet septum keeper that allows the piercing to be hidden. Circular barbells, septum tusks, smooth segment rings, stretching crescents and ball closure rings are other popular choices for septum jewellery.



This Stretching Crescent is one of our most popular stretching and jewellery products. The crescents can be used to ease your piercing up to a higher gauge and can then be left in as jewellery until you are ready to make your next stretch. Stretching Crescents are also available in 1.6mm, so you do not have to stretch your piercing to a larger gauge to wear them!



Bullet septum keepers are fantastic and easy to use for many different piercings including ear piercings and septum piercings.



This Biomechanical Septum piercing Cyber Tusk is a very powerful and bold piece, designed to fit septum piercings.


Stay tuned for more information about nostril and septum piercings, to be continued…






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