If you find traditional flesh tunnels uncomfortable or had a bad reaction to metal tunnels, you’ll love our new ultra-thin silicone eyelets. This new type of silicone flesh tunnel is soft and squidgy, so you can say goodbye to discomfort while sleeping, wearing headphones and tight headgear. Silicone is also one of the most biocompatible materials that you can make tunnels out of – it is non-irritating, easy to keep clean and we recommend silicone eyelets to anyone with metal allergies.

Ultra-thin silicone eyelets are thin and light, yet sturdy. They are halfway between the barely-there feel of Kaos Silicone Skin Eyelets and thicker silicone flesh tunnels. This means that they feel very light, comfy and look great in any size. There is also no risk of your stretching shrinking – the silicone is strong enough to maintain a constant gauge. These funky silicone eyelets come in seven bright colours and personally I love the playful, futuristic look they give my stretchings.

Silicone Eyelet Colours

Silicone eyelets are a great way to add a little colour to your piercings. Our new ultra-thin silicone eyelets come in a choice of seven colours including those pictured below and a plain white version as well. They are available from 4mm/6G right the way up to 25mm/1″, so you can brighten up your look no matter what your size or stretching stage.

Red Ultra Thin Silicone Eyelet

Red Ultra-Thin Silicone Eyelet

Purple Ultra Thin Silicone Eyelet

Purple-Ultra Thin Silicone Eyelet

Blue Ultra Thin Silicone Eyelet

Blue Ultra-Thin Silicone Eyelet

Pink Ultra Thin Silicone Eyelet

Pink Ultra-Thin Silicone Eyelet

Green Ultra-Thin Silicone Eyelet

Green Ultra-Thin Silicone Eyelet

Black Ultra-Thin Silicone Eyelet

Black Ultra-Thin Silicone Eyelet