UV barbells are a great way to add a little colour to your piercings. These barbells are made of UV-reactive materials such as UV acrylic and PMMA. These materials are varieties of biological plastic and have two main advantages: UV glow and biocompatibility.

UV acrylic glows very brightly under UV light so UV barbells are perfect for nights out and clubbing. How brightly individual barbells glow depends mostly on colour – green UV jewellery always glows the brightest, followed by clear and red jewellery. In terms of biocompatibility, UV barbells are metal-free so that are perfect for sensitive piercings. If you are sensitive to certain metals or have worn cheap metal jewellery, switching to UV jewellery may help. Another benefit is that you can wear most UV barbells during hospital visits and X-rays.

Plain UV Barbells

Plain UV barbells combine are the simplest way to make your piercings stand out. These barbells come in a huge choice of colours that glow brightly and look amazing. Most of these UV barbells are also flexible, so they put less stress on your piercings. They look great under UV lights but if you want a subtler look, go for a clear UV barbell. Clear UV barbells look discrete during the day but glow violet under UV light – perfect for some secretly wild style.

Large Gauge UV Barbells

Large gauge UV barbells are a cheap, lightweight alternative to regular metal barbells. Once you get over 8mm you may find your piercings are being stretched by the weight of your barbell – not a problem with UV barbells! These bars are very light even at higher gauges, so you can maintain a gauge easily. They also have a nice soft feel and are very comfortable to wear.

UV Ball Barbells

These UV ball barbells allow you to make a statement whilst still using a metal bar. They come in a great choice UV designs and you can also swap the UV balls with other jewellery to create an endless variety of UV barbells. Another great option is UV threaded balls – just add them to your existing jewellery.