Swiss precision vernier calipers are highly accurate, durable (constructed of high performance polymer) and are ideal for measuring any item of body piercing jewellery.

Used by professional piercers and enthusiasts alike, all over the world, this incredibly accurate measuring tool will help you identify all of the measurements on any item of body piercing jewellery you care to think of.

We would like to thank Andrew for reviewing this product, highlighting the advantages of the Vernier Calipers:

“I just received today my Vernier Callipers and all I can say is I’m so glad I did. The callipers are very well made, light and easy to grip (just be careful your hand don’t get in the way of the mechanism when turning the measuring wheel).

If you’re going to be buying a lot of jewellery, this device is crucial because you can measure up your existing piercings with pinpoint accuracy, and if you’re wanting to change the sizes, you’ll need this to see if your proposed changes will fit. For example, I wanted some bigger balls on a bar, and I’m glad I got this device as I’d have chosen a size that would’ve been way too big.

This would also prove invaluable if you have a large collection of jewellery and need to keep it in some sort of order. Given my various piercings are in different sizes for different parts of the body, I need to keep up with the size of what’s where, and this does the job perfectly.

I like the fact there is a huge dial where you can read the measurement so there’s no doubt and no holding it up to the light to read. Also it’s an essential if you need to get bigger rings as it measures the diameter of those too.

All in all, if you’re having metal pierced on your body and you want to change it, invest in a set of these as it will save you money in the long run by making sure you buy the appropriate sized jewellery.

A note about order processing and delivery: fantastic! The order was placed Christmas Eve and arrived a couple of days later. BJS run a very slick operation and I will be definitely be buying my accurately measured jewellery from them!”

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