Hailing from the heart of London’s alternative scene, Vince Ray has established worldwide legendary status  throughout the underground music and art scene.

Vince Ray is an iconic cult pop artist fronting rockabilly band ‘Vince Ray and the Boneshakers’, whilst also being a highly reputable tattoo artist and designer. His often gothic, decadent designs are fused with his trademark rockabilly glam and dark humour, instantly recognised in originality. 

Vince Ray merchandise is highly collectable and sold all around the world in many different forms, including stickers, patches, badges, t-shirts, belt buckles, mugs and even toilet seats!

Vince Ray has also published books representing his work in the music industry, including posters, clothing design, paintings, cartoons and comic strips… but it’s not all rock and roll! Vince Ray has demonstrated a diverse capability in his artistic range,  boasting an extensive and varied client list that includes the likes of Harvey Nichols, Fender Musical Instruments, Hard Rock Cafe, Bizarre Magazine, Gretsch Guitars, Nintendo, Blockbuster Video and Pepsi Cola!

Despite being a London based artist, Vince Ray draws a lot of inspiration from retro Americana. With a vibrant combination of 1950’s retro and cult icons such as the 8 ball, flames, the number 13, dice, hotrods, skulls and sexy Betty Page burlesque women in ‘kinky devil’ outfits, Vince Ray designs have been deemed some of the best art and tattoo designs in the industry.

You can find more about Vince Ray on the official Vince Ray website.