Bryan Singer’s X Men trilogy was a huge success and I am really looking forward to the latest X Men reboot – X Men: First Class, which comes out on June 3rd. The new X Men movie is set in the 1960s and tells the story of how Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) brought the X Men together. So far the trailers look very promising – full of sixties styling, a fantastic cast and great effects. Marvel have also released special character trailers that show us the cool X Men costume contact lenses used to create the costumes. The costumes look more similar to the comics than they did in the previous trilogy, so expect the full on black and yellow jumpsuits!

Beast X Men Costume Contact Lenses

X Men Costume Contact Lenses Beast

Beast is such a great character and it looks like X Men: First Class will really do him justice. Beast is Dr. Hank McCoy, who transforms into a blue-furred ‘beast’ with athletic powers but always retains his intellectual mind. Beast is played by Skins actor Nicholas Hoult and as you can see, they have really gone all out with the costume! In this shot it’s clear that Nicholas Hoult is wearing yellow contact lenses. This is a challenging costume to recreate but a pair of plain Yellow Contacts is a great place to start.

Mystique X Men Costume Contact Lenses

X Men Costume Contact Lenses Mystique

Like Beast, Mystique has blue skin and yellow eyes, but her look is very different. Mystique is Raven Darkholme, a shapeshifting mutant who can change her appearance. She goes on to become one of the X Men’s most dangerous foes. Mystique is played by Winter’s Bone star Jennifer Lawrence but this shot shows her as a child. Her yellow eyes are quite different to Beast’s and I recommend our Avatar Contact Lenses if you want to recreate her look. They have more realistic shading and the green-golden colour you can see here.